Blue Blocks!

October 04, 2012 | Posted in Cerec

Dr. Luke Haslam is proud to offer a new restorative material at Basinview Dental Centre, the IPS Emax ceramic!

Emax is a lithium disilicate ceramic used for in-office Cerec restorations. It comes in a partially crystallized state which gives the block a blue hue, which is commonly referred to as the "blue state" or "blue block". The partial crystallization allows the block to be milled quickly and easily into a restoration in the Cerec milling chamber (e.g. crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers). Once milling is complete and the fit if the restoration verified, the ceramic is then "fired" in a furnace (Programmat CS by Ivoclar) for about 22 minutes. This completes the crystallization of the restoration giving it incredible strength and brings out the highly esthetic color. These restorations can also have characterizations added to them in the form of stains and glazes to give them an extremely natural look.

 Due to the high strength and durability, these restorations are designed to be a long term restorative choice. Restorations of this type have a limited 20 year guarantee!

 Ask Dr. Haslam if Emax is right for your restorative needs.