Cerec OmniCAM

September 18, 2012 | Posted in Cerec

Cerec is the most advanced and widely used CAD/CAM system in dentistry. The software and hardware advances to this system have revolutionized the process of creating ceramic restorations. The release of the Cerec 4.0 software and the upgrade of the camera to the Bluecam were much anticipated changes. The ease of fabrication was dramatically increased following these updates. Now, Sirona (the manufacturere of Cerec) has done one better and created the new OminCAM. Rather than taking indiviual photos which are then stitched together by the software (as was the case with all previous camera systems), the new OmniCAM produces a seamless, colored, digital model by way of streaming video. The video acquisition requires no optical powder to produce contrast, thus making the process faster and easier!