As of March 31, 2020, the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia and provincial health governing bodies have mandated the complete closure of all dental offices in Nova Scotia. Emergency dental procedures are permitted solely within designated emergency dental centres and are preferentially limited to nonaerosol generating procedures. 

What constitutes a Dental Emergency?

If you are experiencing orofacial swelling,

If you are experiencing pain that can not be controlled with analgesics and/or antibiotics,

If you have experienced orofacial trauma,

If you are experiencing bleeding that can not be controlled. 

Should you experience any of the above listed emergency issues, please contact our emergency line at (902) 249-0005. Treatment beyond prescription for antibiotics and/or analgesics will require referral, when appropriate, to one of the provincial emergency centres listed below:

Dalhousie University GPR Clinic
Victoria General Hospital Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic
IWK Health Services
Citadel Oral Surdery
The Lakes Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Riverside Dental
Southwest Dental
WKM Health Center

Please do not attempt to contact these locations directly. These locations are requesting that all emergencies be triaged and referred to as necessary to prevent treatment delays. 

Please also be advised that in order to reduce aerosols, procedures such as simple extractions will be preferred over root canal procedures and other such restorative treatments. 

NOTE: if you are experiencing difficulty breathing, fever, new or worsening cough and have not been tested for COVID-19, please proceed to:

For more information regarding these mandated closures and restirctions, please refer to the Provincial Dental Board website at: