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Basinview Dental Centre Smile Gallery

Before and After pictures.

Before After
  • This patient was unhappy with the shape of the teeth - the smile was improved with ceramic veneers. 
  • A missing front tooth replaced with an implant-supported crown. Ceramic crowns were place on adjacent teeth. 
  • This patient presented with fractured anterior teeth. The central incisors were extracted and the entire anterior segment from canine to canine was restored with a zirconia bridge. The entire case can be viewed in the blog section: http://basinviewdental.com/blog/ 
  • A fractured lateral incisor required extraction. An implant was placed and the left image shows the custom ceramic abutment attached to the implant. The final restoration was a matching ceramic crown. 
  • A missing toth replaced with an implant-supported crown 
  • A fractured lateral incisor. The tooth was immediately restored with osseous crown lengthening (Waterlase iPlus), post, core and EMax crown. The crown was stained and glazed to match the characteristics of the adjacent teeth. All completed in a single appointment! See the blog section for details. 
  • Decay beneath a failing amalgam restoration restored with composite resin. 
  • Due to extensive decay, the Maxillary teeth were extracted and an implant-supported denture was made along with temporary lower crowns to establish a new bite for the patient. The long term temporary crowns are replaced with esthetic ceramic while working with the patient's budget. 
  • This patient had extensive decay of the upper right last molar. A simple restoration would not be durable enough to last nor have the proper contour to promote ideal soft tissue health. A Cerec restoration was designed using the LAVA Ultimate hybrid composite/ceramic. 
  • A fractured molar with a history of root canal treatment. Molar teeth with root canals require full coverage crown restorations to reduce the risk of such fractures. The tooth was temporarily restored with a composite filling to remove the decay and smooth the tooth until a crown can be placed. 
  • Note the discoloration of the tooth around the metal filling due to a cavity bemneath it. The tooth was restored with a composite resin material. 
  • A 6 implant Maxillary denture with custom abutments and cast metal framework. The fit and retention of this style of denture is excellent! 
  • A large cavity on the back side of a tooth causing a painful toothache. The cavity was excavated from the tooth, the nerve tissue removed in a root canal procedure and a composite resin filling placed. The toothache was eliminated. 
  • Heavily decayed lower canine restored with a composite resin material. 
  • Heavy calulus (tartar) build-up on lower teeth. If not treated, will lead to sore and bleeding gums, bad taste, sensitive teeth, loose teeth and eventual tooth loss. This is easily treated and maintained with routine hygiene scaling (often called "cleaning"). 
  • A lower right molar with an extensive composite restoration using some internal metal pins to help hold it in place. The poor contour was creating an area that was difficult for the patient to maintain resulting in early caries (cavity). The restoration was replaced with an IPS Empress ceramic. 
  • Even small fillings when left untreated for too long can develop large problems. In this case, a small amalgam filling has unsealed margins resulting in a large cavity (evident by large blue area of tooth). The tooth was restored with a composite resin (Filtek Supreme, 3M ESPE). 
  • A failed amalgam restoration replaced with a composite resin restoration. A dramatic improvement in esthetics! 
  • Note the ring of discoloration around this amalgam restoration. Moisture penetration beneath the failed filling has led to cavity formation. The tooth was restored with a composite resin material (Filtek Supreme, 3M). 
  • A heavily decayed tooth; marginal leakage and caries benath an old filling led to this extensive decay and eventual fracture. The tooth was restored with a Cerec restoration in one appointment. 
  • The margins of this old restoration had failed and the radiograph revealed large underlying caries. The restoration was removed, the caries excavated and a composite resin restoration placed.